Full home renovations that transform your property

We treat every home as if it were our own.

With our turnkey renovation services, homeowners will avoid juggling numerous tradespeople and contractors which can cause conflicts, delays, and added cost. Caruana Interiors and Contracting manages every stage of the design and renovation process, from demolition to handing over your keys.

Full Floor Remodels

Changing floor plans and layouts

Customizing your space

Consistent design throughout the home

Over time, rooms in your home may lose their purpose and drop in value. A full floor remodel can bring them back to life. By completely changing the structure and layout of your home, you can customize your space for your needs, improving the quality of life for you and your family.
Remodeling your whole house allows for an integrated plan which can be more cost-effective than finishing one room at a time. That dream kitchen? It may only be possible if your bathroom and living room are updated too. Remodeling a complete floor ensures consistent design throughout your whole home.
Open floor kitchen and dining space
Refinished bonus room in basement

What People Are Saying About Us

Jacqueline C.

“Communication was excellent, workmanship was excellent, everything was done on time or early and everyone was very respectful and kind! Thank you!”

Accessibility Improvements

Thoughtful design

Inclusivity and safety

Create more space

It can be difficult finding the space to improve accessibility in your home. Through thoughtful design, Caruana Interiors and Contracting can create more space in your home, helping to assist those with limited mobility, or to allow you to live in your home longer.
By making homes more inclusive, we strive for safety, comfort, and ease of use, without compromising on the look and feel of your living space.
Refinished bonus room in basement

What People Are Saying About Us

Denise S.

“Everyone at Caruana was fantastic! They were professional, cared about my house and were able to fix the deficiencies left in my house by another contractor. I have already recommended Caruana to two other people and will continue to do so!”

Turnkey Renovations

We manage the entire renovation

An elite team of sub-contractors

Open and timely communication

Building a new living space doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Caruana Interiors and Contracting coordinates every detail of the renovation process, from plumbing, electrical and structural components, to interior design styles and furnishings.
Our contractors are responsible for completing each stage of home renovations. This allows homeowners more time to focus on their day-to-day lives, knowing that our experts are managing every facet of their project.
Refinished bonus room in basement

What People Are Saying About Us

Jackie S.

“We have all heard of home reno projects that rival the thrills of a good horror movie. If you’d rather avoid that and watch an exciting adventure flick where the good guy gets the girl and they move into their dream home, then hire Caruana Interiors!”