Questions you should ask your home renovation contractor

Your home is an essential part of your life. With over 17 years’ experience in home renovations, Caruana Interiors and Contracting provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise to make the most informed decisions.

Home Renovation FAQS

What does a turnkey renovation mean?

A turnkey renovation means that we complete your project from start to finish. Your home will be ready to use immediately. All you have to do is turn the key to open your home and start living in it!

How can I prepare for a major home renovation? 

Start by considering what you would like to keep versus what you would like to adjust. Renovations can introduce a lot of change all at once, so it helps lower stress levels if you have a plan for the things you love and the things you are ready to leave behind.

How long does it take to produce a home renovation estimate?

Your initial proposal will take between 3 and 10 days after our in-home visit. If you accept our proposal, the next step is a detailed estimate that involves choosing fixtures and working with an interior designer. This process can take several weeks, depending on the scope of your project.

How do you select the sub-contractors who will work on my home renovation?

We are always interviewing new sub-contractors to work with us. First and foremost, we ensure they are trustworthy and diligent about their business practices. We verify that they are up to date with Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and carry at least $2 million in liability insurance. Our sub-contractors also complete an orientation with us to see how we operate, and to see how our safety program helps everyone do an exceptional job.

Why are permits important for home renovations?

Construction, demolition, and the addition or material alteration of any building or structure requires a building permit.

Homeowners and businesses are ultimately responsible for complying with all building requirements, including building code standards and zoning restrictions. Failure to secure building permits can result in costly construction delays, legal action and/or the removal of work already completed.

Work completed without permits may not be covered by your insurance policy should it be damaged or cause damage or injury. In addition, the issuance of a business license depends on securing all required permits.

Is workplace safety important to your home renovation company?

Workplace safety is of the utmost importance to Caruana Interiors and Contracting. If we can’t do a job safely, then we don’t do it at all.

Our employees and clients are our greatest assets, making their safety our top priority. As such, we ensure a safe and healthy work environment through our participation in the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program and the Personal Injury Reduction (PIR) Program. These are health and safety initiatives offered through the Alberta Construction Safety Association and the Worker’s Compensation Board (WCB) of Alberta.

Is your home renovation company licensed?

Yes, Caruana Interiors and Contracting has business licenses in St. Albert, Morinville, and Edmonton. We have a Prepaid Contractor license from Service Alberta and will buy additional business licenses in the jurisdiction in which we are working. We also have our Alberta Home Builders General Contractor license, and all our sub-trades are similarly licensed.

Is your home renovation company insured?

Yes, Caruana Interiors and Contracting is fully insured. We carry $5m in general liability insurance, as well as $2m in liability on each work vehicle.

We carry WCB Alberta coverage and require that all our sub-contractors do as well. By insisting on the type of coverage and checking daily to ensure it’s up to date, we are not only protecting our workers, but also our clients.

How long is your home renovation warranty?

Caruana Interiors and Contracting offers a 2-year warranty on all workmanship. Installed materials or fixtures that carry a longer warranty are transferred to you.

Do you provide 24-hour emergency service?

We do not currently provide 24-hour emergency services. Caruana Interiors and Contracting is available during regular business hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Do you take deposits before home renovation work is started?

Yes, Caruana Interiors and Contracting takes deposits on most projects. This initial payment varies per project, covering the materials and labour to get started, as well as any custom materials that must be ordered in advance.

Additional payments are made on a milestone basis, allowing you to see certain work that has been done before releasing your next payment.

Can I supply all the materials and hire you for labour only?

Caruana Interiors and Contracting performs turnkey home renovations in which we supply all the labour and materials. We are flexible if you have a fixture or equipment not generally available that needs specialized experience to install.

Our main concern is that our name and reputation will be on the project when it’s completed, so we prefer to control the quality of materials and workmanship directly.

What payment methods do you accept?

Caruana Interiors and Contracting accepts cheques, bank drafts, Visa, American Express and MasterCard for all our home renovation projects. Financing options are also available to spread payments over a longer period. Receipts are provided for all work completed.

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